How to add transactions manually in Divly

Divly has built a process that lets you add transactions manually without integrating external providers. %}

Updated: 20 Feb 2021

Getting started

You can manually add deposits, withdrawals, and trades in Divly. Transfers are matched automatically if certain rules are met. To add transactions manually in Divly, make sure you have access to the required information.

Deposit : Deposited Amount, Currency (e.g. 'BTC'), Date, Time, Wallet, Label (optional).

Withdrawal : Withdrawal Amount, Currency (e.g. 'BTC'), Date, Time, Wallet, Label (optional).

Trade: Bought Amount, Bought Currency (e.g. 'BTC'), Sold Amount, Sold Currency, Date, Time, Wallet, Fee Amount (optional), Fee Currency (optional).

Transfer: You can replicate a transfer by adding both a withdrawal and a deposit that occurred within 12 hours of each other. The withdrawal must occur before or at the same time as the deposit. The deposit amount must be no less than 20% of the withdrawal amount. The currency type must be the same.

Adding a manual transaction

Follow these steps to add transactions manually in Divly


In Divly, navigate to the Transactions tab


On the top right corner, click Add Transaction and select deposit, withdrawal, or trade.


Fill in the parameters and click Save Transaction . Divly will start recalculating your gains to account for the new transaction.