How to upload a custom transaction file to Divly

Divly has built a process that lets you upload a custom file with transactions as long as it follows a certain format.

Updated: 2 March 2021

Getting started

You can add multiple deposits, withdrawals, and trades in Divly by uploading a custom file. Transfers are matched automatically if certain rules are met. By using this method you can more efficiently upload a large number of trades that would take too long if you used the manual add transactions button.

File structure

Make sure to add the required fields for deposits, withdrawals, and trades when using the file as noted below.

Withdrawal (required fields) : Transaction_type, sent_amount, sent_currency

Deposit (required fields) : Transaction_type, received_amount, received_currency

Trade (required fields) : Transaction_type, sent_amount, received_amount, sent_currency,received_currency

Transfer : You can replicate a transfer by adding both a withdrawal and a deposit that occured within 12 hours of each other. The withdrawal must occur before or at the same time as the deposit. The deposit amount must be no less than 20% of the withdrawal amount. The currency type must be the same.

Importing a custom file

Follow these steps to upload a custom file of transactions to Divly.


Download this CSV file , or create a CSV file with the same structure as the screenshot above.


Fill in all the transactions that you would like to upload to Divly. Each transaction requires its own row.


In the Divly platform, navigate to Wallets in the sidebar, then select Custom upload and upload the file.