How to import your Bitstamp transactions

Divly has built processes that let you seamlessly calculate taxes on your Coinbase transactions.

Updated: 2 March 2021

Getting started

To include your Coinbase activity in your tax calculations, choose a method below to start importing your transactions. Coinbase offers an API integration and Divly will accomodate for it in the future, for now you will need to import transactions using a CSV file or through the, Divly interface. Make sure to download all your transactions to calculate taxes correctly!

Automated Import (easiest) : Grant Divly access using OAuth as described in the steps below. After access is granted, imports will be done automatically.

Divly Interface: If you have few transactions or prefer not to use other methods, you can add each transaction manually using the Divly interface. For a guide on how to add transactions using the Divly interface click here .

Automated import

Follow these steps to automatically synch with Coinbase:


Select Coinbase as a wallet in the Divly interface and click on the associated link to be directed to Coinbase.


If needed, sign in using your Coinbase credentials.


Click on AUTHORIZE to allow Divly to read your Coinbase transactions.


You will be redirected to Divly and your transactions will be automatically synched.