How to import your Bitcoin addresses

Divly has built a process that lets you seamlessly import your Bitcoin transaction data from the blockchain.

Updated: 2 March 2021

Getting started

To include your Bitcoin addresses activity in your tax calculations, choose a method below to start importing your transaction data. Divly uses and API which allows Divly to automate the import process for you as long as you have the Bitcoin address.

Automated Import (easiest): Provide your bitcoin address(es) and Divly will fetch all the transaction data automatically. Do not give Divly your private keys, we only need your Bitcoin address.

Divly Interface: If you have few transactions or prefer not to use other methods, you can add each transaction manually using the Divly interface. For a guide on how to add transactions using the Divly interface. click here.

Follow these steps to synch transactions automatically


In the Divly platform, navigate to Wallets and click on Bitcoin.


Paste in your Bitcoin address in the field provided and click 'Save Wallet'.